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Monday, February 27, 2017

Motivational Mondays: "Treating Our Sistahs with Kindness"

"As-Salaam-Alaikum" ("Peace be unto you")

Motivational Mondays: “Treating Our Sistahs with Kindness”

As you go about your day, remember to treat others with kindness. See, we as Black women the instinct to be strong is engrained in our DNA and sometimes we rather suffer in silence than ask for help. You never know what a Sistah may be going through… Those agonizing trials and tribulations that we are constantly trying to battle on our own… That plague our very existence.

Whether it’s telling those damn kids to clean up the house and pick up those pieces of paper they knocked down about an hour ago… that you know dag-on-well that all five of them seen that mess when they all marched by it like a line of hungry ants ready to devour whatever snacks that they can get their lazy hands on in the kitchen and you know each one of them can see those dishes in the sink, but nobody bothered to wash while they are in there grubbing knowing nobody didn’t even wash their hands or bothered to ask could they have them in the first place!

Or maybe she had a fight with her number one soldier...her king and she just needs a little “Sistahly” understanding and support. You know they can work Sistah’s nerves from time to time… hell who I am I kidding… all the dang time! Anyways, maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and forgot to switch off “Bitch Mode” when she left the house… I don’t know what the Sistah is going through, but give a Sistah a break!

Instead of talking about her behind her back to whoever will listen to the venomous poison that you are spurring about the Sistah all over town... why don’t YOU try lending an ear or a hand? Why not try being more proactive instead of being so reactive?

Let’s try being a support system… an entity of pure “Sistahly” love, encouragement and strength, instead of an entity of tainted “Sistahly” haterism, discouragement and bitterness? Better yet... why not try being a part of her solution, instead of being a part of another problem that you can obviously see that she really doesn’t need right now! 


REMEMBER QUEENS… we all have experienced those moments when we needed a little “GRACE & MERCY” from another Sistah who was wise enough to see our pain. Instead of kicking you while you were down and pointing out your wrongdoing and/or faults… even though she knew and you knew that she would be in her rights to do so because you were wrong… and YOU knew it too! But because her Queenly spirit embodied her, she instead decided to let the pettiness go and lifted you right back up to your Queenly pedestal!

So today when you see a Sistah and she is obviously off her Black woman’s game; say a kind, encouraging word to her. Let your noble heart shine by lending a hand to help her back on her Queenly pedestal because you never know what’s coming around the corner to knock YOU off yours! Just Saying!

Queens have a Magnificent Monday and a beautiful week!

Stay Blessed Queens!




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