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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Still to Come on the Season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9

"As-Salaam-Alaikum" ("Peace be unto you")

Still to Come on this Season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta -

 Season 9

It looks like our favorite "House Maidens" from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 9) are at it again! As you can see from Bravo's preview clip -Still to Come on this Season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9, these ladies are coming out swinging on the second half of season 9. The 2 minutes/31 seconds clip starts off showing the ladies enjoying fun activities together that will unfold as the rest of season 9 progresses... remember the last episode of the first half of the season left off with the ladies on the tour bus enroute to the glamping site and the ladies temperatures were rising. 

Chouteau Shereé - Coming Soon?

The clip alludes to there being another issue with Chouteau Shereé. In the scene you see Shereé Whitfield upset that she will not be able to move into her 100,000 square feet home. However, at the end of the clip you see Sheree hosting some type of party and it looks to be a housewarming party... now I am left to wonder if this is really going to be Chouteau Shereé or a rented version of the house to make us believe it is?!? You decide. If you are interested, click the link so you can view Chouteau Shereé in its finest! Shucks at this time, I really do like Shereé, but I am truly over Shady Shereé... and the messiness that comes with her... and the ups and downs with Chouteau Shereé! Girl, it's not that serious!

One of the original house maidens, Kim Zolciak will make a special appearance at Shereés housewarming party where it appears that Kandi and the other ladies are not too excited about seeing her. (If you want more tea click on the TMZ link to get more information about what the ladies are saying about the return of Kim or NeNe Leakes to the Real Housewives of Atlanta). In true fashion, Kenya ends up in an argument with Kim that leads Kim to reminding Kenya that once again she is without a man and a baby... and cannot keep one even with a deposit... Okay, okay... I added that last one in there, but it is true. In return, Kenya tells Kim that her lips resemble a duck's bill... and they really do... I mean they really do look like duck lips... Just Saying!

Phadera & Apollo: Can You Please Just be Divorced!

Moving on we see clips of Phadera Parks and Apollo Nida separately discussing their divorce. ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! CAN THESE TWO JUST BE DIVORCED!!! This storyline is really dragging out... and how the hecks is Apollo still getting airtime when he is supposed to be doing time? Can somebody explain that one to me?!? Please comment in the comment section below. They should leave this boring plotline off the show! If you want to see it played out, just go over to Bravo and watch the past seasons of the Real Housewives of New York and there you go... Just Saying! Hecks, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas' divorce is moving right along. Hey Cynthia, can you and Peter please help a sistah out and give Phadera and Apollo tips on how to get divorced and move on so we do not have to be subjected to another played out Bravo storyline? Please and thank you!!!

Relationship Reunions: Cynthia/Peter & Shereé/Bob

Speaking of Cynthia and Peter, in the clips we may see a possible reunion with the two. Only one can hope. We see Mallory, Cynthia's sister asking her about the two possibly "getting back together" and a clip of them kissing at some type of dinner engagement. We also see a possible engagement between Shady Shereé and her ex husband sweaty Bob Whitfield. Okay... what is all the sweat about? It just seems in order for you to have a sit down conversation with the brother, you would need to bring an umbrella because of all the rain drops keeping falling down his face. Now, do not get me wrong, I like Bob... a little too silly for me, but perfect for Shereé's messy self. What are your thoughts about these two couples? Should they reunite or let it go? Please leave your comments in the comment section. Moving on.

Porshia is Pregnant: ALLAH (GOD) HELP US!!!

Now, I was outdone with this part of the clip... simply outdone! Porshia is supposedly pregnant and it seems like there is a contract involved. I heard extortian being said and somebody not looking to happy. Porshia really works my nerves. First, she presented herself as a dingbat than a thuggish business woman and now we must endure her during her 9 months pregnancy/relationship woos? Oh my goodness... EIE... Enough is Enough! I am outdone and you can go check that one out for yourself.

Other Can't Miss Moments!

We get a short glimpse of the Old Lady Gang, I assume at the grand opening of Kandi and her husband Todd's new restaurant and a special guest makes her appearance! Wait for it... wait for it... It is Apollo's new girlfriend/fiance which leads Phadera and Kandi to have another altercation. Now, I know that I said that I felt this storyline should just disappear and it is played out, but it seems it just got interesting again! I don't know about you, but I am getting my movie theatre popcorn ready with my non-alcoholic Sangria drink and I will be ready for this episode! I wish a kid would come bothering me when this episode airs! My next post might be how to survive in the correctional center... Just Saying!

We see clips of some type of divorce party for Phadera which ends with her and Kenya Moore having an heated exchange of words... Cannot wait! I hope Phadera finally releases the dragon on Kenya! After all these years, Kenya really deserves it! Finally, there is a moment where Kandi and Porsha are meeting and it becomes heated and while the maidens are on a trip to Maui with their significant others, we can only assume that this is where Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams' conflict will finally come to a head. IT IS ABOUT TIME... it seems like it took 5 years to close out this plotline. Bravo knows that they can really drag a plotline out and it better be good!!! Or I will be writing a strongly worded letter and showing up at the Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse to tell Andy Cohen how I really feel! 

Clear your calendars because the second half of season 9 looks like it is going to be very spicy and entertaining! Do not forget that the Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights on Bravo at 8/9 Central Standard Time... See you there!


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  1. Wow great reciew! I cant wait to watch season 9 of ATL housewives!!! P.S. Do you have some extra popcorn?!

    1. DeLores,

      Thank you baby girl for your comment and your support. I really appreciate you supporting me in my new venture that I am so happy to embark on.

      P.S. No... you have to get your own!!! LOL... Love you dearly, DeLores!!!

  2. This was a great review. Girl I know about the kids and trying to watch my reality shows. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Tyshawn,
      I really am enjoying blogging and getting my ideas and opinions out there... since I have so many. Please continue to come back and if you enter your email address on the right side, you can receive notifications when I publish other blogs.

      Thanks again,


  3. Omg I remember in the beginning there wasn't nearly as much drama as it is in the later seasons of it lol now its just getting to be too much drama


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