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Monday, March 6, 2017

Motivational Mondays: Inspiring, Encouraging & Empowering Women in Your Life

"As-Salaam-Alaikum" ("Peace be unto You")

Motivational Mondays: Inspiring, Encouraging & Empowering Women in Your Life

We all have women in our lives that could use a little inspiration and empowerment. By us taking the time out of our daily lives and reaching out to these women, we can create an empowering network of support for them. By creating this system of encouragement and empowerment, this would produce a positive atmosphere in which this beautiful lady could realize her dreams and have the confidence to achieve them.

Now I know that we are busy women and consumed with our day-to-day responsibilities and every minute counts. However, think about it… if a woman did not take out the time to mentor and support you during your trials and tribulations… where would you be right now?
Like I posted in a previous blog, it does not take much to be an encouraging person in a woman’s life and it is not the difficult.
Here are four suggestions that could help inspire, encourage and empower the women in your life so she can reach her greatest potential:

Be There When She Calls

Like I said earlier, we all are busy, but taking a five or ten minute phone call will not kill you! You never know how your encouraging and supportive words could inspire her to make that necessary change in her life so she can be happy. Maybe she is trying to decide whether to leave a dead end job to fulfill her dreams of going back to school to get the necessary education to open her own business and needs some reassurance to make that leap.
Why not help her talk through her concerns and encourage her to follow her heart. Sometimes we need a friend to push us out of our comfort zones. We all know that sometimes as women, we can get stuck and that can be a barrier from us to discover or reach our greatest potential. So, tell her “If this will make you happy than I think you should go for it and I will be there to support you along the way!” Be happy and there for her because this will be an exciting, inspiring and empowering adventure for the both of you!

Help Her to Follow Through

Now that she has realized her dreams, all of the support and encouragement in the world means nothing if she does not follow through. Although your friend wants to go back to school, if she does not apply to the college, how is her dream going to come true? So my advice will be to don’t just “talk about it,” but “be about it.” Meaning, help her find the resources she needs to make her dreams a reality.

Maybe help her research the colleges and assist with filling out the applications to the ones that are the best fit for her so she can begin her journey of being an entrepreneur. Help her to set attainable deadlines that could assist her to stay abreast of important dates. Such as application deadlines, scholarship deadlines or financial aid deadlines, etc.

Sometimes all it takes is a friend to lend an uplifting boost to a woman so that she feels empowered to fulfill her dreams… so be that reassuring and encouraging helping hand as much as your time allows… I promise, you won’t regret it! There is nothing more beautifully rewarding than being a part of another woman’s growth and watching her coming into her own!

Give Motivational Gifts

Giving motivational gifts can be inspiring for the woman who receives them. These unique gifts can be encouraging in their own rights. Using our scenario, if your friend is going to return back to school, why not put together a “Back-to-School” backpack which includes the essential school supplies she would need. Such as, a stylish backpack, notebook paper, binders, pencils and pens, etc.

I know how I felt when I decided to go back to college. A dear friend of mine, put together a backpack for me and I still have the backpack. I was like a five-year-old on their first day of kindergarten. I was happy and nervous, but as giddy as I could be! So there is a lot of exceptional, irreplaceable, and meaningful gifts that are perfect for the women in your life that you are trying to motivate and encourage.

Be a Good Role Model to the Women in Your Life

Finally, I encourage you to set a good example for the women in your life. You being a great example can be encouraging and empowering in itself. When the women in your life see you striving for your dreams and being positive while being successful in your pursuit of your dreams, this could give them the motivation they need to pursue hers. By showing them a positive go-get-her attitude, this shows her how amazing it feels to pursuit and obtain their dreams.

This is especially true for the young ladies in your life. Seeing you doing your “thang,” this allows them to realize that “real,” everyday women can pursuit and achieve their dreams. It gives them someone that is attainable to look up too.

So ladies, let’s be a motivational, empowering, and encouraging force within the women’s and young ladies lives that we are blessed to have in ours.

If you have any other good ideas for how to inspire and empower the women in your lives? Please share them with us at RedefiningHERstory: One Blog Post at a Time and your fellow readers by leaving a comment below.

Stay Blessed Queens!


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