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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What-a-bout-it Wednesdays: A Day Without A Woman… That's Cute and All, but What about My Coins?

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," the Arabic greeting meaning "Peace be unto you,"

What-a-bout-it Wednesdays: A Day Without a Woman… That's Cute and All, but What about My Coins?

Yes... Yes... Yes... today’s “A Day Without A Woman” protest is going strong on International Women's Day. How strong you ask? Well, it's the most trending topic on Twitter and Facebook. Now, I too would love a day to sit around and do nothing while pretending that this day will really positively affect how the world would change their views on economic equality for women… but come on…REALLY? 

Now, I know what you thinking… as if I do not support our beautiful women, but I do. See, I do support my Sistahs… meaning ALL women… in their every effort to better our gender and make us equal in some areas... hecks... who doesn't like to have the car door opened up for them or being treated like a lady... but I do not see the logic in this from a perspective of a single, Black mother raising the FAB FIVE. Now, if someone could explain to me how beneficial it is going to be for my household... today... while I know I have bills... than I AM DOWN FOR THE CAUSE!!!

That’s Cute, But What About My Coins?

Shucks, it’s cute and all… A Day Without A Woman but is somebody going to compensate me for the money I am going to lose from not showing up to work or will there be an on-call representative available… somewhere down the line… you know around the time when the next “Batch of bills” come flowing in…to explain to the landlord, electric or gas company that the reason why my payment is short is due to the fact that I needed to support the cause? Or better yet, will there be A Day Without A Woman fund to cover my lost wages? I am down for the cause... but first... I have to be realistic about this and my situation!

Hecks, I don’t know about you, but I am already “robbing that damn annoying Peter to pay that greedy azz Paul!” Living from paycheck to paycheck, hoping somebody would have a heart and add some more zeros to my little bitty ole check! And now these women want me to take a day off… with no incentives… to fight for a cause about economic equality for women, but I am supposed to miss out on some coins… Really?!? Is that what you are asking ejnosillA to do? Girl… bye!

Now as I researched this day without women thingy, I found some interesting key points about what this day is to represent. Here we go…

Key Point #1: Day Aimed at Recognizing Women’s Value

In my opinion, this supposed day of recognition for being a woman cheapens the significance of being a woman and our self-worth. Why do I need a day to recognize my value as a woman? Isn’t that called self-esteem? You mean to tell me that I am supposed to stop my coins for a day so others can recognize my value as a woman? 

Doesn’t that mean that I care what people think about me and if that is the case than my self-worth and self-esteem are tied into what others think of me? NO… I don’t think so. Like Katt Williams stated "The word is self-esteem… the esteem of the oneself!" Meaning it is not about who values me or you… it is about how you value yourself! Not about others recognizing your value and attaching value levels to you as a woman.

Another thing, I am supposed to stop my coins… once again… for a day for people to recognize my value and how does this reflect me as an individual? So if I take this day off with millions of other women, how does that correlate to my unique value as a woman? Call me selfish, but I want a day of recognition that I don’t have to share with millions of other women! How you going to know my worth if as a woman if this day is to recognize ALL women… see where I am going with this?

Key Point #2: Women to Take the Day Off From Paid and Unpaid Labor

I have already touched on my coins and how a day would affect the bills' outcome, but now you want me to march around town for free? Seriously, I get the unpaid labor thing because as I stated earlier, I am a single mother of five and we all know that being a mother is a thankless job at times and the pay SUCKS!!! However, I wouldn’t change my status and experiences as a mother for anything in this world! So back to my point… now today is about taking off from unpaid labor… right? But isn’t marching up and down the streets protesting unpaid labor? So isn't that a contradiction to the cause? Just saying!?!

Key Point #3: Women to Avoid Shopping for One Day

Well… well… well… please explain this one to me… you can put this in the comments below… how doesn't this statement not contradict equal rights for women. Isn’t this key point sexist, generalizes women as if we are the only one who does the shopping in our households and perpetuates socio-cultural stereotypes that this woman’s day off is fighting against? Meaning, when you think of who does the shopping in the household, media sources depicts and associates women with shopping… regardless, of what one is shopping for… so shopping is usually associated as women’s work. So this key point of women's day recognizes and in a sense agrees with bias gender role expectations... Am I right?

Key Point #4: Exceptions Include Purchases from Women/Minority-Owned Shops

My... my... my… here we go again with another contradiction… didn’t key point #2 state that we are to take off from paid and unpaid labor and key point #3 stated to avoid shopping for one day, but now we have exceptions. If key point #3 states to avoid all shopping than what does who owns the shop have to do with avoiding ALL shopping for today? Now some will say well because it is a show of support for women or minority businesses and we are protesting the powers that be… which would be… White Male Privilege… but if I am following key point #2 and taking the day off from any type of labor than what does the gender or ethnic/racial background have to do with it because I am supposed to be avoiding all shopping for a day… Right? Boy… oops Girl… I am so confused?!?

Key Point #5: Participants to Wear Red in

Okay, now I am supposed to dress like a gang member on this day and possibly get shot by a gang of Crips or Gangsta Disciples or run over by an angry bull despite the fact that I’m not supposed to be participating… but I am technically participating in an unpaid labor activity because I am marching while protesting equality for women which is labor intensive exercise while scoping out stores that are gender and ethnically specific while avoiding shopping at these stores. 

Now, while I am laid out in the street with a bullet hole in my chest or a bull horn in my azz, who the hecks is going to help me because technically all the doctors I could see today would be women and those heffas have taken the day off and left my holey butt in the streets… and who is going to pay for all of this?!? Which leads me back to my coins!

Real Talk From ejnosillA

As I make light of the situation, I do believe that this day is important, but the key points do contradict themselves. I am a believer in fighting for the rights of any group that is being oppressed, but I do believe that our reasoning must be logical. It is illogical to ask a single mother of five to take a day off, knowing the plight of any single mother and all the things that plague our very existence. I believe a better option would have been to organize this march and suggest ways that women could support the cause without asking us to ignore our responsibilities.

Yes, a special day of recognition sounds wonderful for someone who is undervalued and overworked, but I have found the balance in my life. Every day, I take the time to make myself feel special! I take the time to uplift myself and I take the needed time off when it is necessary to recollect myself and my thoughts! Yes, I value all of my diverse Sistahships and I value all of those diverse women’s worth. I value all women regardless of their economic status, ethnic/racial backgrounds, religious backgrounds or their socio-cultural customs… I have love for them all.

So in closing, we don’t need a day of recognition or a special day to unite collectively for a cause because that should be our daily battle, struggle and goal… and we dang for sure don’t need one on a day that will stop our coins to achieve our womanly goals! Hecks… we couldn’t have done this on a Saturday?!? Just Saying!

Stay Blessed Queens!


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