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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

She-Piphany Moments: ~ejnosillA's "Revised" Facebook Memory

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," "Peace be unto you"
She-Piphany Moments: ~ejnosillA's "Revised" Facebook Memory 
This Facebook memory was shared by a dear friend Tammy W. that was a post of mines that I shared 3 years ago in 2014 in response to my daughter's post... DeLores... Thanks for sharing Tammy!
In response to a post that was shared from Iyanla Vanzant's post about Love is simple and here is her post:
Love is simple. We make it hard with our trappings, expectations and demands. We place limits, restrictions and conditions on our loving and those we love. Love is simple. You simply give love for the sake of love, or you don't!
Here was My Response:

With this in mind… I must add.... that LOVE EQUALS PEACE!!! This is my thinking... so Let's begin...

Love can be related to the concept of Serving which will ultimately bring Forgiveness, Happiness and therefore: Peace.

See, if you wake up with the mindset of truly Loving all, Serving all, & Forgiving all that you encounter without worrying about what they did in their past or what they did to you or to you in your past and concentrate on the present and/or what they are going to do…

If you wake up with the mindset of how you can serve... or how you can positively enhance or world... Or even back to others within your community and stop worrying about what you can take from it... see... when you are unselfishly serving others... that brings you to some point of joy and there is so much joy in giving and having a more positive outlook!!

If you wake up without judging whoever because no one is perfect… NOT EVEN YOU… Forgiving will bring you Happiness and then Peace.

For example, I have begun the process... a while back... of waking up and praying on how each day I can humbly serve and make a positive impact on the world, but not waking up and praying on how the world can serve me... 

Now remember this was written 3 years ago on Facebook and I became Muslim August, 2016... Wow... the beauty in this testimony...

If we as people, co-workers, acquaintances, friends, and family members went to bed and woke up with a Loving mentality of Servitude; a mindset of giving back without expecting anything in return… this leads to forgiveness... you begin to think of others... or even start putting others first in a selfless way. 

Forgiving and letting go of our hurtful past and stop being in our feelings… stop reflecting on the negatives and the injustices that we feel that we are victims of and start focusing on the positive aspects of life and truly wake up in a humbling, servitude, and real essence of giving without expectations or wanting some type of praise…

Your Love will flourish and be reflective in your Forgiveness. Your Forgiveness will truly bring you Happiness...

Therefore, the Happiness in your heart from swallowing your pride and forgiving another or even helping that person out or another... even after they may call on you, regardless of their intentions; will bring you Peace of mind, body and soul because it is no longer about YOU or on YOU… it’s on that person to learn by the example that you have set and that person... or even the next person... to pay it forward!!! Think about it… 
What a powerful impact that would make within our spiritual being, homes, communities, and our world!!! 
Who would have ever thought that: LOVE + SERVING + FORGIVENESS + HAPPINESS... could even = PEACE (L+S+F+H=P)!?! I have begun my personal journey down the path of PEACE! 
When will you begin the walk down your individual path of PEACE?!? Just saying!!!

ejnosillA's Final Thoughts

In closing... although, I wrote this post 3 years ago... I can see my own growth... These words showcase part of my spiritual journey to Islam. Islam teaches to love and forgive others... serve and give to the less fortunate and above all... Praise ALLAH!

Click Image to Enlarge
This is my personal and spiritual testimony. It is my pleasure to share one of the most intimate moments of my life...

Yes... I know some are saying... how can this be intimate or even private... hecks she shared it on Facebook... well... you're right... in a sense...

When I wrote this 3 years ago... I wasn't expecting anyone to read it, but family and friends... see I didn't know than that I would be writing a blog that has gone international!!!

Check it out on the RedefiningHERstory: One Blog Post at a Time  official Facebook page for a picture of our stats... and while you there... don't forget to like... just saying...

However, I was basically letting the ones who care know where my mindset was at and where I was going... you really have to be someone who knows me to really understand...

See... the best way I can explain this was that I was elevating to another level of my womanhood... which in a past post I call this a She-Piphany moment... and I was reaching another level of maturity... which we as women will reach several She-Piphany moments as we grow in time... and this was one of mines...

I can see how this personal but spiritual journey lead me to Islam... and gave me the self-confidence to start blogging and fulfilling my dreams of being an entrepreneur while uplifting other women who were like me... meaning... I often put off or revised my life plans and dreams to satisfy others within my life... but as I reached many She-Piphany moments throughout my life... I began to realize that I am important too and the best way that I can be true to myself while giving back... I can journal my life experiences so other single mothers can realize that you are not alone...

If you need me... than call upon me because... I am just an email, phone call or Facebook message away... now look here... please don't take advantage... I do have a life and the Fab Five to attend too...

So... remember as you go about your days and you feel yourself being tested... try to remember... LOVE + SERVING + FORGIVENESS + HAPPINESS = PEACE... or for short... "L+S+F+H=P"... Just Saying!!!
Please leave your comments below... 
Stay Blessed Queens!

Giving ALLAH the Praise for Loving me enough to lead me to Islam and Peace!


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  1. When there is love and happiness in heart, there will be no room for hatred. So, love is peace. thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Thank you Pellrider... it took someone to point that out to me... so just paying it forward!



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