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Saturday, April 29, 2017

She-Piphany Moments: Finding the Diamond Within… The Secret to Becoming the Woman You Desire to Be…

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," "Peace be unto you" 

She-Piphany Moments:

Finding the Diamond Within… The Secret to Becoming the Woman You Desire to Be…

We as women all have secret desires and dreams of becoming something exceptional. We all have images and dreams in our minds and hearts of the woman we one day aspire to be… 

Meaning… we all are wishing that one day we reach our God-given potential and hoping that one day that we discover our capabilities to become the most beautiful woman that we were born to be… we… and I… just want the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and secret desires so that we are living the most fulfilling life this world has to offer!

We must be truthful with ourselves and let go of everything that is not who we want to be. You are already becoming the sexy, self-assured, positive and happy woman that you long to be. 

So… basically… you already have all of the answers within you… but… all that is preventing you are the roadblocks you have created within you… now all we have to do is figure out whatever it is that is blocking you from becoming the woman you desire to be… Let’s begin…

Perception Without Deception

Ladies, the first point I must make… and stress… as usual, the first secret to becoming who you want to be lies… wait for it… wait for it… it lies… inside of… YOU!!! It’s called Self-Realization, 

Ladies… In order for you to become the woman you desire… you must be truthful with self. You must let go of all of the excuses, stories and lies we tell ourselves of why we aren’t living our dreams. 

You are a Diamond in the Rough... and don't You Forget That!!!
We must let go of all of the fears we have about getting out of our comfort zones and let go of all the feelings of why we can’t achieve these inner most desires… 

We must… deal with issues of why we haven’t… or aren’t… moving forward… or started the necessary steps to achieve our desires. 

The true secret of becoming the woman you desire to be lies in fact that you must realize that all the characteristics you desire and… all  of the resources you need to create a better you… are already inside of you… we just need to unlock them!

See, we as women are always searching outside of self to find what we need to complete us or to make us feel whole… let me ask you a question… how has that been working out for you so far?!?

See, Ladies... true self-realization is not dependent on the outer you or the world, but is solely dependent upon your inner self… and this dependence will allow you to achieve all of your secret desires of becoming the great woman you want to be… Therefore...

You must be willing to go deeper and search out the truths within yourself. You know… I have found within my life… that it is much easier for me to focus on the outside world or on others… and see its… or their faults… but it was truly hard for me to put that spotlight on myself and focus on my faults…

I have found that… we as women… sometimes are afraid to look deep within ourselves because doing this means that we must face those dark things... or truths... in our past or those deep secrets we have held on too… you know the ones… that only you and GOD will ever know… the ones we aren’t proud of… but through acceptance of these parts of you… only than you will be healed and you will be able to move forward with your life.

The characteristics that you wish to personify need to be created from the inside… and not the outside… You must accept who you were and release that… so you can become… who you want to be… You must release whatever is blocking you… you must believe and trust that the true source of becoming the woman you desire is already in you... yes… you have made mistakes… who hasn't... hecks…

I have made many that I’m not proud of… but I have accepted them and moved on because they are a part of my past and not my future… Only you have the inner power to release your negative past and to embrace your future.. your hopes, dreams and desires… ONLY YOU HAVE THE POWER TO ACHIEVE THIS… ONLY YOU… Just Saying!!!

Dismiss Negative Thoughts that Don’t Reflect Your Truths

Ladies… anytime you think of a negative, fearful, grave… or even… harmful thought about yourself… you must realize that you are disconnecting yourself from your truth… 

The truth is that you are an amazing, thoughtful, strong, creative, powerful… and an exceptional woman… so anytime you allow yourself to entertain negative thoughts about you… or you are fearful to make necessary changes… or you begin to feel that you are incomplete and need to seek outside of you to feel complete…than you are lying to yourself!

Ladies, remember… you’re already complete… so don’t get overwhelmed by feelings of not being good enough in any aspect of your life. Society has lead us to believe that we are broken and need fixing... now… I do realize that some of us maybe broken due to traumatic situations that have transpired in our lives… than my advice would be to please seek out the necessary resources so you can begin the healing process…

Payless ShoeSource

However… society tells us that there is something missing in our lives and it’s our job to find out what it is… it’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with you and this belief that you are somehow need some type of fixing or you're flawed... well... you need to release this... get the professional help you need... if that is the case... but you are not flawed... you are a woman... and we go through some thangs!!!

Your truth from this day… and this day forward… is that you have the capabilities to becoming the woman you desire to be and you’re not broken… it may sound cliché… or corny… but if you truly believe this with your heart, soul and mind… you can dang for sure… achieve all of your hopes and dreams… and I believe in you, Girl… if nobody else does… or if… you don’t… ejnosillA… believes in you… Just Saying!!!

Listen to the Woman Within You

We as women… and too many of us… find it hard to listen… and usually ignore… that soft inner voice that softly calls out to us to listen to your inner intuition… you Ladies know what I am talking about… that voice that tells you to turn right… but you turn left and hit a dead end… 

You know those dead ends I’m talking about… those dead-end relationships… that dead end jobs… you know… things like that… the wrong decisions you make and find yourself saying to yourself… “Dang… If only I would have listened to myself… than I wouldn’t be in this situation!”

Yep… those ones… if you only would have listen to that soft inner voice that truly loves you and cares about your wellbeing… you might not be in the unfortunate circumstances that you oftentimes find ourselves in…

Well… Ladies… don’t you think it’s about time that you finally listen to your inner voice… see… she is there to remind you to trust and believe… and some cases… to be still or… just to relax and let the situation play out… 

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See… there is another voice that speaks louder to us at times because it’s trying to lure us into searching for our needs in this insincere, shallow and artificial… hecks… superficial world of ours or in material things in order for us to feel complete as women… it convinces us to seek our needs externally… instead encouraging us to trust and believe in ourselves…

So… Ladies… this is a personal choice that you must make for your own sake… are you going to listen to that negative, critical voice that pushes you to look outside of self… and into the world for completion… or… are you going to listen to that soft, nurturing voice who loves and supports you because it is you… 

You must learn how to trust and believe in YOUR inner consciousness or voice… isn't funny... we will listen to... and trust in everyone else... but ourselves... how crazy is that... Just Saying!?!

Do the Work and Formulate a Plan for Positive Changes in Your Life

Now Ladies, once you have identified your personal roadblocks… through deep inner soul searching… then it is time for you to formulate a plan to clear these blockades from your life. You must get real with yourself and stop suppressing your emotions… it’s time Ladies… it’s time for you to get serious about your life… so… it’s time to put the drinks down… get off “Tha Book” or any other social media outlet… turn the TV off… and your phones…. 

Girl… it’s time to get your head out of the sand… and tell your Sista Circle that you can’t go out tonight because you got somethings to do... and that is that you must get “REAL” with yourself and your circumstances.

Once you have completed the process of a real… and deep soul searching… you must create a plan of action for personal growth and change. This plan will help you to begin the process of becoming the woman you desire to be. 

Try to create a daily plan and incorporate that into your daily routines. This will allow you to keep moving forward to accomplish your desires, dreams and goals.

Try blocking out some time each day to concentrate on you, your needs and working towards what you will need to reach your goals… no matter how crazy others may think they are… remember this is about you and not the other people around you! 

So… no matter what your desires are… you must say them to yourself daily… so write them down… in a journal… or… put sticky notes around your house, car… desk… somewhere will you will constantly be reminded that every move you make… from this point on… is to get you to your desired outcome… of becoming the women you want to be…

Remember... Ladies… these small choices and changes you make today… will determine your tomorrow… so you need to connect your goals to a set of positive thoughts and behaviors which will become daily habits… and therefore… your new reality… Just Saying!!!

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Appreciate Your Journey

Along the way, document your progress toward becoming the woman you desire to be. I suggest that you take a few moments every night assess or to look back at your day… Ask yourself some constructive questions and be truthful… For example…

  • How did you live up to your desires, dreams or goals? 
  • Are you exemplifying the qualities that you desire to becoming the woman you want to be? 
  • Did you complete the activities you set out to do at the beginning of your day?
  • What, if any, could you have done differently?
Once again… try journaling… it’s a great way to keep up with your progress and setbacks… it allows you to keep your eyes on the prize… so to speak… it gives you the opportunity to see and allows you to praise your daily accomplishments… it allows you to realistically identify setbacks and allows you the opportunity to see where you might have used your time more appropriately… It basically… allows you… Ladies… to recognize your ongoing progress that will boost your self-esteem and self-consciousness... but you must do the work...

Even if you have an off day... recognize it... and do better tomorrow... this journey will have setbacks and progresses... you can't have all the good without some bad... so when you have setbacks... just accept them and use them as a learning tool... Look at it this way... now that you have traveled down that road... you now know... that this road leads to a dead end... and more importantly... you know not to take that road or course of action again... 

Look at your journey of becoming the woman you desire to be... as an ongoing learning experience... where you are in control of your own destiny... so keep trying... keep making your mistakes... keep progressing because this process is solely about you... and something that will make you a better woman... in all aspects of your life... so... Ladies... keep moving forward... and don't give up!

ejnosillA’s Final Thoughts…

In closing, Ladies… your journey is ongoing process… it never truly ends because each day we are growing and learning… whether we want to acknowledge it or not… so… with this in mind… your today determines… your tomorrow… therefore… there is no end to your daily personal growth and development.

As people… and especially women… we are constantly on various types of ever-changing and evolving journeys to becoming the women we desire to be… in order to experience our individual… and unique… She-Piphany moments… we must embrace the fact that you will always be in the process of becoming that woman… and it’s up to you to wholeheartedly embrace your journey… … and above all… stick it out. 

Click Image to Enlarge

Ladies… your journey will only begin when you wholeheartedly believe, trust and recognize that you can grow into the person you want to be… and you must continue to always reflect and remind yourself of who that women is truly by trusting and… 

Remembering that the ups and downs within your journey is an important part of your     She-Piphany Moments or process... so you can relax in the fact that... Girl… YOU GOT THIS!!!

So, Ladies… You don’t need to worry about how to figure it all out at once or worry about other insignificant things… You just need to identify your roadblocks and reconnect with your inner woman…


As precious… unique… “Diamonds in the Rough…” You’re smart, lovely, and more beautiful than YOU realize or even appear to be... YOU have the potential… and more importantly… YOU have the sturdy foundation inside of YOU… so please take the time out... and commit to doing the necessary hard work to break down those negative barriers... or roadblocks... so YOU may become the woman YOU desire to be… Just Saying!!! As usual…

Stay Blessed Queens!!!

"May ALLAH Continue to Guide Me & You... so WE can Continue to Evolve into the Woman WE Desire to Be" 


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  2. I agree! Women are a diamond in the rough! Self esteem and purpose play a huge part in how we view ourselves! A rose that gre from concrete..

  3. Oh yes, we definitely have the answers within. The question is, how many women really believe that?

  4. You said this so beautifully! Some times we get into a rut but it's important to remember who we are. There's a christian song that kept playing in my head about Being Diamonds when I read this!

  5. Great post. It's always important to look inside of ourselves for our inner truth. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Letting go of the excuses is the hardest part for me. I have three kids, so saying "I'm too busy" or "I just don't have time" are the easiest excuses. This is a great post!

  7. This is a great post and so true. Women need to have higher self esteems sometimes.

  8. It is so important for us women to know our worth. We are so precious and strong that we need to love ourselves more

  9. Most definitely we can become better than we are by just changing our attitude and lifestyle. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Such a powerful and inspiring post! We are continuously pushed to look outwards for recognition and approval - yet as you say, we need to remember to look inwards to find acceptance and love from our selves.

  11. Yes love this!!!! I wish more woman would focus on their inner beauty. Outer beauty fades eventually so stay true to who your inner self really is


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