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Friday, May 12, 2017

Ladies…Did You Forget About Your 2017 Graduate… Don’t Fret… You're Not Alone?!?

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Ladies… Did You Forgot About Your 2017 Graduate… Don’t Fret… You're Not Alone!
See... it's not like me to drop the ball... I am usually the go to person within my family... and people are usually counting on me to fix it... and figure out whatever is going on at that time. In the meantime... If you are a lot like me… I am always on the go… with working, schooling, blogging and of course… mothering. 

Well... with all of this month's preparations for various family gatherings... I have been so busy trying to figure out how I am going to get out of that annual Mother's Day breakfast in bed thingy... and me feverishly getting my Mother’s Day Survival Kit together!

Not only am I trying to figure out how to convince my doctor into writing me a doctor's note so I don't have to participate in that awful Mother's Day breakfast in bed shenanigans... when I was there for my last visit... all he did was laugh at me and tried to convince me that my children weren't secretly trying to kill me... now... my imagination is telling me that he's a part of the plan as well... and...

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Not to mention me trying to finalize our travel plans for my little sister's upcoming wedding as well as trying to keep her from turning into a Bridezilla...

To tell the truth... hecks, she was a little... big handful before the wedding... my cute... little Sistazilla! Now... I truly love my little sister... she is the littlest.. cutest thing you would ever want to meet... but meaner than an old rattlesnake!

I can't tell you how many phone calls I've received and how many fires I have to put out... I don't think anyone realizes that I live about 1,300 miles away and there isn't much I can really do from here...

For the life of me... I don't understand why they keep upsetting her... just give her what she wants and let her be... we have always have done that... because... no one... and I mean... no one... wants to get her started! But as usual... they have gotten my little baby Sistazilla all upset... and guess who has to go down there and straighten everything out and get yelled at... YEP... me of course... however...

All I know... my cousins better leave her little crazy azz alone... not only will we be putting flowers on our grandparent's gravesites this year... they better watch out because we might be putting flowers on theirs as well... Just Saying!

So... because I have been dealing with so much craziness that I totally forgot about that special somebody who is also having a big day this month and it's my niece… OUR FAMILIES’ 2017 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!

Well... Ladies if you are like me and you have been consumed with various preparations and just living your daily lives… and somehow forgot about your special graduate… don’t fret… I got you... and ME.. covered! Let’s begin…

Namefully: Name Jewelry and More

A personalized statement piece for your graduate from Namefully is a wonderful and sentimental gift idea. Namefully boosts that they are a modern balance of the best that the old and new jewelry worlds have to offer, and the result is the Internet’s leading name necklace and name jewelry retailer today. It is a place where the unparalleled mom-n-pop shop commitment to customer service meets the efficiency of today's leading Internet enterprises. Where the attention to detail that only old school jewelers can appreciate encounters the style of the world's leading design houses.
Namefully is known for its exclusive line of custom-made name jewelry because they incorporate their customers savvy style with their unique expertise to create a original piece of jewelry. Their well-known, unique name necklaces are more than just jewelry, they are a statement. Your graduates name, your statement and Namefully's expertise will make your graduate's one-of-a-kind statement piece of jewelry the talk of any college campus. Just click the above link to check out more gift ideas and Namefully's website.

Don’t sleep on your wallet-friendly... and don't forget... online... Wal-Mart stores! Currently Wal-Mart has an amazing sale going on for Mother’s Day so this is the best time to not only pick up those last minute Mother’s Day gifts... but pick up your graduate’s gift at reasonable prices.

From bedding to electronics... jewelry, clothing and all of your bath accessory needs... Wal-Mart has an array of great gift ideas for a high school graduates that are heading off to college or even a college graduate who has found their dream job… and is FINALLY leaving home… click the above link to see all of what Wal-Mart has to offer...  without leaving the comfort of your home!  

Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin offers upscale affordable luxury, our exquisite creations reflect a captivating and exclusive style.  An international brand, that offers home décor, jewelry and fashion designs that are ultra-feminine have caught the eye of celebrities and fashion conscious women around the world in more than 70 worldwide locations.
Why not give your graduate a unique design from the Michal Negrin collection. A signature piece from this world renowned designer would give your special graduate an unique design that is timeless and always will remain fashionable!

Michal Negrin Michal Negrin Clearance SALE! Up to 70% off on selected items for limited time only!

Michal Negrin’s mission is to: “inspire women on every continent and in every country on the planet. By continually creating enchanting jewelry, fashion and home décor items, hand-crafted by masters from the finest materials, we enable our customers to express their unique individuality and style.”

Amazon Gift Cards

If you have a picky graduate... like my beloved niece who thinks I'm a millionaire... then why not buy them an Amazon Gift Card. This is surefire way will ensure that your picky graduate get's the gift that will make them happy... a gift that they will be very appreciative to receive... because they picked it out themselves!

Amazon offers a variety of gift cards for any occasion without any of those pesky expiration dates! So your graduate can take their time buying that special gift item and doesn't have to rush to buy them right after graduation.

Amazon gives you the option to personalize a greeting card to accompany your graduate's gift card or you can purchase a 'Ready to Give Gift Cards' which are gift cards that come with matching gift boxes... so put away the gift wrap because Amazon got you covered!

Amazon also gives you the option to purchase an e-gift card... which is simply electronic gift cards that deliver gift codes by using everyday technology such as email, SMS test, social media or even our smartphone apps... this is a the perfect gift for the savvy graduate on the go!


For kids graduating college or high school with jobs, the days and weeks after graduation will be one of the last extended periods of time they will have free. A one-on-one parent... or auntie... and child trip... even if it is just an overnighter... is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up with your graduate... and have those special talks before the go off on their own into the world... 

It is a great opportunity to create memories with your loved ones and... there really isn't anything like giving the gift of great memories.

So... if you really want to show out and send your graduate on an all expense paid mini vacation... and you, of course... why not book your flight, hotel rooms and if you need one... your rental car through Travelation?

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While you and your graduate are enjoying your bonding trip why not pitch in for some tickets to a concert of one of your graduate's favorite band or sporting events... or even better yet... yours! is a tickets and events affiliate program featuring concert tickets, sporting events such as NBA, MLB and NHL as well as theatrical events throughout the United States! 

So... if your graduate... or you are looking for tickets to Adele's concert... I got you covered... looking for The Weekend... Bruno Mars... Kendrick Lamar... even Lady Gaga... or Justin Bieber... I got you... Katt Williams' tickets... or The Lion King theater tickets... I got you on that one too! So... click the link to find out more about ticket offers.

ejnosillA's Final Thoughts

Although there a lot of family gatherings in the month of May that are important to our family... like Mother's Day... Sistazilla's wedding and... now... that I have  a moment to breathe, think and... remembered... my niece's graduation...  I found US some wonderful online gift ideas that YOU... and I can take advantage of to make our graduates day a very special one! 

Well... I better be going... graduation day is swiftly approaching... and I see the graduate of the hour has been calling me... I'm sure she's calling to remind me about her special day and to grill me on what I've got her... so Ladies... if you did forget your 2017 graduate's special day... don't fret... You're not alone... Just Saying! 

Happy Mother's Day and as usual...

Stay Blessed Queens!

May ALLAH bless and keep us All safe during our May travels and family gatherings!


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  1. Great suggestions for last minute gifts. I enjoy this post!

  2. When you're busy it's definitely easier to forget about these things. It's good to have a couple of easy gift options!

  3. These are some fun graduation gifts! It's almost that time of year again, so exciting for everyone starting this new period in their lives :)

  4. These are all great suggestions for last minute gifts and I am left thinking that you have a cute sense of humor, the first part of the post had me giggling. Glad I've been reading your posts lately!

  5. You really cant go wrong with amazon gift cards. For really any occasion. We gift htem all the time because everyone can find something!

  6. Are we in that season already? Amazon has got you covered for just about any occassion

  7. Nice tips! An Amazon gift card it is defintly a welcomed gift for anyone. I do not have graduates at home now everyone is grown up. But there is always the need for tips on easy quick gift ideas.

  8. Amazon gift cards are my favorite! And more likely to get spent on something fun rather than cash.

  9. Gift cards always make the best gifts in a pinch

  10. My son is graduating from eighth grade next month. We are very proud of him and can't wait to shower him with praise and gifts.

  11. This cracked me up! Great list! Even the most put-together people forget things sometimes!

  12. I still have a year to worry about graduation stuff but if I plan early it will be a good one


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