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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What-A-Bout-It Wednesday: ejnosillA is Back… So, Let’s Get This Party Started!!!

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," "Peace Be Unto You"

What-A-Bout-It Wednesday:

ejnosillA is Back… 
So, Let’s Get This Party Started!!!

Hey Beautiful Queens… I’m back after a brief hiatus!!! I am truly sorry for being inactive and not engaging with all on social media, but I just had a lot of things to catch up on. With writing and promoting my blog, working, trying to prioritize my time so I could complete my thesis… of course… being a mom to the FAB Five… and dealing with the struggles of being a Black Muslim woman in America… I just got so consumed that I had to prioritize my time and my life… but I am so happy to be back with you and a lot to share! Let’s begin…

Featured Blog of the Month

Well... I guess all of my ranting has caught the eye of some people and RedefiningHERstory: One Blog Post at a Time is the featured blog for Little Conquest. Little Conquest is a blog devoted to capturing our experiences as mothers and all topics dealing with motherhood. It's a wonderful blog that gives its readers product reviews, lifestyle and venture articles while promoting other mothers' diverse experiences and blogs. Check out my feature and get to know me better... I promise you... it's a great read... so click the link or you can go to the home page and click the Little Conquest logo at the top right... don't forget to share... and come back!

RedefiningHERstory is Branching Out

Although, I haven’t been writing on my blog in awhile, I have been promoting and networking like crazy. Marshawn Ford one of founders of 3 Sisters, a nonprofit organization in Nebraska, has been working with me in finding and writing grants to expand RedefiningHERstory. 

You know... it costs a pretty penny to promote, network, organize, buy supplies and resources needed to run a business... and my bank account is low... kind of like Madea's sugar levels... IT'S LOW!

With this expansion, I will be offering e-courses, resources and conducting various empowerment workshops to assist a forgotten and overlooked market... low-income, single Mothers of Color... this is where my heart lies and will always be... promoting and assisting women that I identify with and understand... I too have lived and in some cases am living their daily struggles! 

Now... before some of you get your panties up in a bunch... this will be an all inclusive expansion of all women... but my target audience is Women of Color, but will assist any woman that needs or calls upon me! So, if you have any leads for grants or other resources... hit your sistah up!

Currently, I am linking up with some beautiful sistahs who too are entrepreneurs in my area and trying to put together an empowerment workshop for women in 2018. Now, I have put together one of these types of workshops together before for single, low-income mothers, but never on this grand scale. 

This particular workshop will be under the umbrella of Breaking Generational Curses and it will be like no other!

It never seems to amaze me how creative women can be when you get us together and let us work! The beauty… and the secret is… that we all have our own unique specialties that we collectively bring as Black women and no one is trying to outdo each other… we all have our own lanes and we stay in them… if only life was as simple… You know what I mean?

Don’t you hate it sometimes when you should work in a team with other women…whether it be professionally, academically or personally… it seems that on or two… hecks… it could be you… that will want to be the HWIC… for you youngins… that means Head Woman in Charge and yes, I know… it can mean other things if you remove the “W” and add other letters… but for this blog we will stick with the “W!”

ejnosillA & Twins Supporting the Girls within Our Community
Click to Enlarge
Anyways… where was I… oh yeah… and everyone wants to be the boss… they don’t want to do the work… but want to be barking out the orders and they have no idea what they are supposed to be doing… well this is different. 

We all came with our own skillsets and we are all staying in our own lanes... unless asked. 

So… I am truly loving creating this workshop with them… oh yeah… shout out to Leressa the Life Coach and Neda Renee of Project Diva… these two ladies are AWESOME… click their names and check out their websites. Well… If you happen to be in town… please stop by the workshop… and I will be sending out information as it comes along… we would love to have you. 

Fashion Eyewear Ltd 

Finally, I have been invited to partner up with another sistah to create a podcast. Now... I don't know much about podcast and all of that stuff... but I think it will be fun to get into. We will be discussing issues that plague Women of Color and other topics that will be inclusive to all women. 

Basically, it will be me discussing topics that I blog about, but you will get a face and voice with the same funny humor, charm, wit and ideas. Same ejnosillA, but now you get to see and hear me... the uncensored... uncut version of me... don't know if that's a good thing because I can really be off the chain at times... Just Saying!


Well… yes… what can I say about work… um... still getting on my nerves... just kidding… still working and trying to survive. One of the main reasons I was absent over the summer was because I was teaching a Public Speaking course at night. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to start back this winter… 

The mug and the World's Best Teacher
However, it liked to have killed me… not the course but the 45-minute drive there and back. 

I promise you… the drive liked to have killed me… working all day and then all night… shot… I was happy but dreading when Wednesdays hit and it took me all the way to Tuesday nights to recover. 

I really enjoyed teaching the class and they bought me some wonderful gifts that I will forever cherish. I truly miss those ladies!


YES… YES… HELL YEAH… I FINALLY COMPLETED MY THESIS AND TURNED IT IN!!! I am truly excited and I give all the glory to ALLAH for guiding and blessing me with the ability to complete my thesis… Talking about what liked to have killed me… that damn thesis worked my NERVES… DO YOU HEAR ME?!? I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to throw my computer or a kid because it or they were getting on my nerves during this process… just talking for no reason… and half… no… more than half the nonsense they were stating didn’t even make sense… 

I wanted to stop so many times and shake them and ask them… “DO YOU HEAR THE FOOLISHNESS COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS… DAMN… STOP BOTHERING ME WITH THIS NONSENSE… I’M TRYING TO WRITE MY THESIS! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE HUNGRY... GET OUT OF HERE!” JUST KIDDING... It’s funny… now that I think about it… now that I have submitted my thesis for final edits… these damn kids haven’t bothered me sense?!?

Well… just waiting for the go ahead from my chair and I should be defending my thesis hopefully… and if ALLAH wills it… the first or second week of October 2017! YESSSSSSSSSSS!

Graduation - December 2017 - Don't Mark Your Calendars Just Yet!

Now, the big problem is I don't want to participate in the graduation ceremony. Everyone keeps saying that it would be good for my kids to experience that... now... correct me if I am wrong... they have experienced it with the many academic awards I have won during my academic career... they've experienced it with me receiving my Associate's Degree... then my Bachelor's Degree and now I have to dvy out some more money to participate with my Master's Degree... and if I remember correctly... I had to wait some time to get those  degrees in the mail.

It seems like a waste of time and money to me... Check it out... First of all... they want me to pay more money to fight my way through graduation traffic to get to the ceremony...  then to sit for hours on end listening to long and boring speeches that don't reflect my reality... then to walk a country mile so I can walk across the stage to shake people's hands... that I never met until that day and will never see again... to get a blank piece of paper with a red ribbon on it when and it seems that after I have paid all of this money to get the education, you would think they would hand me my degree right then and there... not making me wait for snail mail to get my diploma!

So what do you think? Should I go or spend the money on something fun for me and the FAB Five can do as a family. Please leave your comments below.

Still getting on my damn nerves… dang you must didn’t read my previous comments… now I am going to need you ladies to keep up… just kidding… but for real… still getting on my nerves, but doing great... while getting on my nerves… enough said!

Now, I know all are wondering what and who the hecks is a K-Monster?!? Well, let me tell you... he's this little 8 month old little boy that keeps hitting me in the head with his bottle and eating up all my snacks while laughing at me... who is terrorizing my whole household. We are loving every little bit of it and him. He is the new and cute terror of the household... my godson and we love him so much. He has brought so much joy into our lives while terrorizing us... really... terrorizing us!

My Little Kaiden
As I sit here writing this blog... he is crawling in here... wait a minute... he stopped... let me be quiet... I think I am in the clear... Oh dang... he is peeking around the corner... he found me... I know this little cute monster is up to something... don't know what... but I can tell you it entails me screaming in agony and him laughing his little head off! Just Kidding... we love our little Kaiden and I enjoy every minute with him!

So... I have been busy babysitting little man and having a ball all the way!

ejnosillA’s Final Thoughts

Well… Queens… I have finally completed a milestone in my life and I am truly feeling grateful to ALLAH for all the blessings HE has bestowed upon me and my family! Without HIS divine guidance to Islam, I don't know where I would be, but I know I would have been lost and the struggle would have been worse! I am truly grateful! 

I am excited that RedefiningHERstory: One Blog Post at a Time will be expanding and I thank all of you... my loyal and patient readers... and of course... beautiful Queens for all of the love and support you have shown me. I really appreciate your support and I hope we can continue to grow as a family of strong, intelligent women! I am so happy to be back and I have missed communicating with you.

City Chic (Speciality Fashion Group) 

Please continue to send me your topic requests via email or in the comments and as usual...

Stay Blessed Queens!

May ALLAH continue to Bless Us ALL!!!
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  1. Welcome back! Summer has been a busy time for many

  2. Congratulations on your journey. Expanding and branching out sounds amazing.

  3. Welcome back and congratulations on your journey! I will be taking a little break this fall when #3 arrives.

  4. Thats awesome! Congrats to you!!! Braeks are always good sometimes we just really need them!

  5. It's wonderful to have you back. Sounds like you've been busy! My husband finishes his masters in December too. I barely remember what he looks like.

  6. The K-Monster is absolutely adorable. He may needs some boundaries set, but you can't help but love the little guy.

  7. Congratulations on the feature and Welcome Back. I recently to a break as well sometimes it is needed!

  8. Welcome back and congratulations! Networking is such an awesome thing that we can do to help promote self and even others. I love it.

  9. CONGRATS on finishing your thesis! That is awesome! I agree it would be good for the kids to see you walk, but if your school is going to charge an arm and a leg for that, then not worth it. I don't remember a fee per se for walking for my master's, but I DO remember a crazy-a$$ dress code that basically meant I had to go out and buy new clothes...

  10. Congrats on your thesis and graduation!!! ❤️❤️❤️ And, yay for more blogging and ecourses- can't wait to try them out. Sounds like you've got lots to celebrate right now!

  11. Welcome back and good luck with branching out! It's good to take time for yourself and refocus. Best of luck

  12. Welcome back and congrats on everything!Breaks are always good for the soul!

  13. Welcome back and Congratulations for completing your thesis!Sometimes we need to take breaks to make real progress!

  14. Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoyed your break and are feeling refreshed.

  15. Congrats on completing your thesis! I think you should attend your graduation celebration, although you have walked the other stage for your other degree, this will be for your masters degree especially for that thesis you just turned in. Ive been to all my graduations and they usually have 2 ceremonies for each. Congrats on your podcast and other future partnerships.

  16. Attend the graduation! I wasn't going to attend my graduate degree ceremony, but was talked into it by my husband. My proudest moment was watching my then 2 year old cheer for me.

  17. Welcome back to blogging! And Congratulations on completing your thesis. Sometimes a break is much needed!!!

  18. Congratulations and welcome back! Sounds like you've already accomplised a lot, and have more to come. Congrats on your thesis, and getting your degree too. I went to all of my ceremonies, but I think maybe you should discuss it with your kids and hear their thoughts? Also, your Godson is adorable!

  19. Omg yay on graduation! So exciting. I didn't go to my own college grad so I'm on your side about not wanting to go lol

  20. Congrats, and welcome back. It sounds like the time away gave was productive.

  21. Congratulations!! I think you should attend your graduation. But that's just me being selfish and wanting your future generations to be able to see that visual. Either way, you earned that degree, so do what you feel is best for you and yours. It's a great accomplishment.

  22. Congrats on completing your thesis. I know you must feel great about that. I remember going through it myself.

  23. First off I've never heard of this day. I had no idea, I'm marking my calendar so I can celebrate it next year. This was great knowledge.

  24. Yay! I'm so glad that you're back. I can't wait to read more bout the fun happenings you have going on. All the best!


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