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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What-a-bout-it Wednesdays: How the "Me Too" Survivors' Movement Became a "Paid" Holly-weird #MeToo Victims' Moment

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," "Peace Be Unto You"
What-a-bout-it Wednesdays:
How the "Me Too" Survivors' Movement Became a "Paid" Holly-weird 
#MeToo Victims' Moment 

As I sit… once again, minding my own business… I am looking over my emails and was challenged to give my thoughts about the foolishness going on in Hollywood… but I like to say… Holly-weird… about this “Paid” rich White women Holly-weird #MeToo victims’ moment... not movement… but moment!

Several of my Queens have requested that I discuss how Holly-weird have turned this “Me Too” movement into another Holly-weird sensationalized plotline filled with sex, scandals and drugs and the true essence of this movement has turned into another White-woman Holly-weird victims' moment.

I was familiar with this Holly-weird moment, but decided to do a little more research and then it hit me… like a bolt of lightning… that once again, a movement that was started by a Person of Color to bring light to the sexual victimization and the survivors of girls and Women of Color in our community has been hijacked by “Tha Man”… oops… in this case… “Tha WoMan” to reflect their “paid” victim sexual abuse or harassment moments in Holly-weird! 

Click picture to read poem by DeLores J. Allson
Now, before you ladies get your “designer panties in a bunch” and I have to politely check that azz… stay with me because I am going to enlighten you on how this movement has turned into a “Paid” rich White women Holly-weird #MeToo victims’ moment... 

Which has casted a huge, unfortunate shadow on the underprivileged “REAL” Girls and Women of Color  "Me Too" survivors’ movement of sexual abuse, discrimination and/or any other abuses or discriminations. 

NOTEIt took me awhile to write this post because in order for me to get my points across, I would have to go deep... deep within my own past so you Ladies could understand my position as a Black American Muslim Queen trying to survive in America... Let’s begin…

“Me Too” Survivors’ Movement: Before it Became a Hashtag 

In 2018, writers from the Chicago Tribune, accredited Tarana Burke with coining the phrase “Me Too” in 2006 that reflected her fight and support of Girls and Women of Color who are survivors of sexual abuse.

According to Zenobia Jeffries, a writer for YesMagazine, the “Me Too” survivors' movement was started in 2006 by a Black woman who was a survivor of sexual abuse who wanted to help as well give a voice to the survivors of sexual abuse that are underprivileged girls and Women of Color… HAH!

I bet you didn’t know that! Yeah… Holly-weird forgot to tell you that tidbit of information… do your research Ladies… do your research before you jump on these White-women-focused Holly-weird bandwagon victimized moments… Just Saying!

In Jeffries interview with Tarana Burke, it was revealed that Burke is a Civil Rights Activist who is the creator/director of Just Be Inc. She is the Senior Director of Girls for Gender Equity and the founder of the program’s “Me Too” survivors' movement.

Tarana Burke in 2017
Jeffries stated that “the goal of this organization is to empower young Women of Color who have been abused, sexually abused, assaulted, or exploited, women from marginalized communities.”

Burke’s movement started in the communities in Alabama to support Girls and Women of Color who are survivors of sexual abuse.

As more attention was paid to her mission this lead to more growing support, Burke’s vision grew to support Girls and Women of Color nationally and continued to grow to lend support to more “marginalized people” in other “marginalized communities.,” with its sole mission is to help the survivors of sexual abuse.

However, the everyday survivors that are Girls and Women of Color who are dealing with these various types of sexual abuses are not being discussed in this “Paid” White victimized Holly-weird version of #MeToo moment… Just Saying!

Tarana Burke explained that with celebrities coming out and the implementation of social media the essence of the Girls and Women of Color “Me Too” underprivileged survivors’ movement has turned more into a crusade to out Holly-weird sexual predators… which are White… and making them accountable, but less about supporting the underprivileged, everyday survivors of sexual abuse and discriminations of Girls and Women of Color is being lost in the shuffle… Just Saying!

Tarana Burke was quoted saying that the difference between the Girls and Women of Color “Me Too” survivors’ movement and the “Paid” rich White women Holly-weird #MeToo victims’ moment…in all fairness… these titles are my interpretations… but Burke stated that “the actual “Me Too” Movement… didn’t deal with the perpetrators so much… it is about supporting sexual assault survivors. So that’s where it’s different.”

Now, that I have given you a little history lesson on the background of the real “Me Too” survivors’ movement… let’s go a little bit deeper on this “Paid” Rich White Women Holly-weird #MeToo victims’ moment

Whitewashing of the “Me Too” Survivors' Movement into the “Paid” Rich White Women Holly-weird #MeToo Victims’ Moment

The whitewashing started when Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowen were perceived to have started this movement in which Holly-weird has now latched into and turned into the rich White women victims’ moment.

The White women Holly-weird victims’ moment… believe me there are many but let me stay focused… where was I… okay… this particular #MeToo victims' moment started with 48-year-old Katherine Kendall, who stars in Swingers, who was convinced... 25 years ago... by award-winning, acclaimed, media mogul and married producer Harvey Weinstein to come to his apartment when she was 23-years-old.

According to the victim once in his apartment… Weinstein allegedly undressed and requested Kendall to show him her breasts.

When Kendall was finally able to escape… oops… leave, he allegedly… according to Vox, Weinstein “went so far as to get into a cab with her, then wait for 20 minutes watching her after she got out.”

According to the New York Times… Harvey Weinstein has been paying off sexual harassment accusers for decades… now… a decade is 10 years… the article said… decades… decades is the key word here in the Holly-weird foolishness… stay with me Ladies because it was also reported in the New York Times… that this media mogul has been sexually abusing women for nearly 30 years.

Yes, Ladies… I said… nearly 30 years… this predator has been running around in Holly-weird for nearly 30 years sexually abusing your favorite White actresses and nobody said anything until October 2017?!?

Doesn’t that seem a little strange… but wait a minute… wait a minute…

Now… according to the Chicago Tribune timeline… on October 5, 2017 the first Holly-weird victim… Ashley Judd accuses Weinstein which has been verified by the New York Times and the New Yorker.

During that week other White women Holly-weird victims of the #MeToo victims' moment have come out… I mean... falling out of the woodworks... Just Saying!

In 2018 Chicago Tribune article, reported that “Two unnamed company officials tell the Times that at least eight women have received settlements from Weinstein over the years, including actress Rose McGowan, who allegedly had an incident with him in 1997 when she was 23.”

More stories that were reported alleged that Weinstein would pressure some of his victims “into giving him massages, while naked, or watching him shower, and promising career advancement in return. These incidents were all said to have happened in hotel rooms.”

However, according to an October 2017 Chicago Tribune article, Alyssa Milano who is a Holly-weird child actress who is nationally given credit for reigniting the "Me Too" movement in October 2017 because of a tweet when the news broke about Harvey Weinstein…

Chicago Tribune published that now infamous Alyssa Milano tweet: “If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write 'me too' as a reply to this tweet>;” which reignited the “Me Too” movement.

Question: how does one go about reigniting something when it never stopped? Please feel free to answer in the comments section…

Remember… the “Me Too” survivors’ movement was started and continues to be ran by a Black woman who is a civil rights activist and this movement is rooted in the aid of everyday Girls and Women of Color in the underprivileged communities throughout the nation who have experience various types of sexual abuse... Just Saying!

In October 2017, USA Today had begun to compile a list of 84 victims who were sexually abused or harassed by Harvey Weinstein and have dedicated themselves to update the list as other female victims came forward.

The Differences Between the Survivors’ “Me Too” Underprivileged Movement & Victims’ #MeToo White Privilege Moment

According to, a survivor is one who “continues to function, prosper in spite of hardship or setbacks.”

Survivors try not to put themselves in compromising positions so they aren't victimized again.

These underprivileged Girls and Women of Color "Me Too" survivors movement continued to strive even after their traumatic experiences. They did not receive hush money or commit acts to advance their careers… they got out… but continued to strive for excellence regardless of status or monetary wealth… because they had no other choice… they were not allotted the monetary riches that their privilege counterparts received… Just Saying!

On the other hand, according to defined a victim as one who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency.”

However, reading the reports of the 84 Holly-weird victims, majority of them loosely… and I mean… loosely… fell into this category… Let me explain…

Remember…’s definition of “victim,” some of these women basically met this predator in his hotel room or private digs and was sexually victimized with promises that their career would advance…

Tarana Burke - Silence Breaker
Now… I need you Ladies to stay with me on this…

In actuality… the deception came in play when he invited these women to his hotel room under false pretenses… but they participated… now let’s give them the benefit of the doubt…

I do believe that they went along to get along in this moment and/or to get out of a sticky situation that could have turned violent in a matter of minutes… remember… Weinstein is a powerful, rich mogul in Holly-weird… so in this state... these women were truly victims... Just Saying!

They went because of their own emotions which can be equated to their personal passions… in their cases… furthering their Holly-weird careers for monetary value and/or prestige…

OR ignorance which can be that they truly weren’t aware of this predator’s previous sexual abuses or misconducts… allegedly… but… and yes, I said BUT… what made him so prestigious and trustworthy?

Proof that Holly-weird Actresses were Warned and are Willing Participants in their Own Victimization

Maybe it was Weinstein's money... his connections... his name or it was their Holly-weird ambitions that caused them to ignore the rumblings about this man in Holly-weird?!?

I am still confused that why no one spoke out afterwards? These ladies are speaking out after 10, 20 or 30 years... after their alleged sexual assaults... 

I want you Ladies to know that I am not victim shaming, blaming or am I defending this alleged creep, but what I am trying to convey is that… in ALL actuality… Weinstein may have been a dirty, dishonest and manipulative sexual predator… but…

Can we continue to classify them as victims when they said nothing and after-the-fact, they continued to work with him... doesn't that classify them as willing participants or women who paid a high sexual and immoral price for their prestigious celebrity status?!?

Think about it, Ladies...

Did they go to the police so Weinstein couldn't or wouldn't victimize more actresses... or did they choose to advance their careers and turn a blind eye? Were they not compensated? Are they not very well-paid Holly-weird stars or have powerful, lucrative ties to the Holly-weird entertainment industry? 

Did Weinstein not deliver on his promises... and one more thing... did not some of these women star in roles that their characters were being sexually victimized... movies and television shows sponsored by Weinstein's company... they spoke out about the abuse of their characters... but said nothing about their personal sexual victimizations?

Still not convinced…

If you click on this link… (USA Today – 84 victims) and look at the women that are accusing Weinstein... even after he sexually assaulted or harassed these women… majority continued to work on projects sponsored by his company or him, continued to work with him on these projects, received recognition with him for these projects, took pictures with him as well as promoted those projects while cashing their multimillion dollar paychecks… thus the “paid,” “rich” and "privileged" part when I address them in this post.

If you are still not convinced…

Here’s the true Holly-weird Tea… in my opinion only… the true hero is Courtney Love who tried to warn the public in 2005 about this alleged sexual predator, but no one would listen because she doesn’t fit the mold of what constitutes a Holly-weird beauty, no one wanted to listen… check it out…

I remember when Courtney Love said this... didn't know who Harvey Weinstein was then... but the ball could have gotten rolling then... why didn't it... why did Holly-weird let this go on even longer... why didn't they heed the warnings... I did... Just Saying?!?

See... we as women give each other lowdown on thangs... what is on sell... what is the latest gossip... where to go and shop to get the most money for our bucks... who to sleep with... who to avoid... what man/woman got this or that... and so on... You mean to tell me not one of these "Paid" Holly-weird #MeToo victims didn't give their girls the low down on Harvey Weinstein... even after they were sexually violated... Really?!?

This foolishness went on for almost 30 years... REMEMBER?!?

See in my survival eyes... when those "Paid" Holly-weird victims kept working with their sexual abuser... kept cashing those multi-million dollar paychecks... and kept quiet about what was really going on... each time they did this... they became more and more a willing participant... they became more and more... a part of the problem... and now... I SAID IT... AND NOW... YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!!!

Oh yeah... I'm about to go deep with this because of the love, support and the blessings from the FAB Five... I couldn't truly write this piece without getting their blessings even though they already knew... Just Saying!

ejnosillA’s Connection to the "Me Too" Survivors' Movement

Well... if you are still not convinced... here's my story and why I have chosen to call some survivors and victims... one a movement and the other a moment...  it's because I speak from my truth... heart... and experience.

See... as a survivor... I am truly surviving, living and healing with a sexual abuse wound... rape... that has turned into a scar and now my RedefiningMYstory "She-Piphany" testimony... in my eyes... they may have started off as victims, but based on their past actions and their continued willing participation in this scandal... majority can NO LONGER call themselves victims... Just Saying!

As a child survivor of rape... at the tender age of 5 or 6... I know how this sexual abuse has affected me and the other women I know who are survivors of sexual abuse. It has affected us in all aspects of my life. 

Me personally... it has affected how I conducted myself in relationships… affected me on how I am overprotective of my children and their friends… it has affected me in how I deal with the opposite sex on a professional and/or personal levels. It has truly affected me… but I did not allow it to my crutch... meaning... I didn't allow it or him to continue to victimize me because if I did... then that meant that I was now a willing participant... Just Saying!

When I was in my 30s, I seen my sexual abuser at an emotional time in my life… a mutual family friend’s funeral repass and he had the nerves to speak to me… I couldn’t bear to be in the same room with him… not because I was scared… because I wanted to turn the repass out by screaming at the top of my lungs in this serene setting…



I didn’t make a scene… but I knew at that moment he said hello and that look of disgust on my face signaled to him that I remembered that traumatic situation in the basement when you were supposed to be babysitting me at 5 or 6-years-old, but instead you took that time to rape a helpless little girl!

So, I can speak on this situation as a survivor… see… you will not see me in any pictures with my rapist… you will not see me in any projects with my rapist… you will not see me cashing paychecks from his azz either… Hell… I don’t even know if this man is still alive… BUT ONE THING I CAN ASSURE YOU IS THIS…

I have not prospered because of my rapist assistance or dirty money… my success is because of me, who I am… who I strive to be… and my self-definition will not be defined as a victim of rape… but a survivor of circumstance!

My accomplishments are my own… not my rapist… I continued to function, strive and prosper regardless of my traumatic experience or in spite of my hardships and setbacks! I am truly a survivor… Just Saying!

So… that is the reason why I give these courageous Girls and Women of Color the REAL “Me Too” movement the title of “survivor.” It didn’t take a Holly-weird moment for these survivors to speak out AND TO KEEP LIVING... KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

See Ladies, the true mission and essence of the “Me Too” survivors’ movement has nothing to do with outing powerful predators after taking their payouts, it has more to do with assisting and promoting the well-being of underprivileged Girls and Women of Color who have been sexually victimized and are not allowing this traumatic experience to define them!

This once prestigious survivors’ movement has been turned into another Holly-weird scandalous moment in which the White female actresses in Holly-weird are once again the victims while the underprivileged Girls and Women of Color survivors’ needs are being lost in this rich White female Holly-weird shuffle.

So… now do you understand why I call these Holly-weird rich White female actresses are victims having a moment and the underprivileged Girls and Women of the “Me Too” survivors’ movement are the true victims?!?

In the words of the true creator of the underprivileged Girls and Women of Color “Me Too” survivors’ movement, Tarana Burke, who addressed the Holly-weird #MeToo rich White women victims’ moment: “You have to use your privilege to serve other people.”

Question: Have you heard any of these Holly-weird stars mention the underprivileged Girls and Women of Color while they are wearing all-Black expensive outfits and white roses? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

ejnosillA's Final Thoughts

In closing… when you are underprivileged… meaning disadvantage, poor, in need, deprived and a Female of Color… the “limit is the sky”… meaning we don’t have many choices… but when you are White, female, rich and privileged… oh girl… you have so many choices and if you factor in your powerful Holly-weird connects… the “sky’s the limit” … meaning there is no limit for you…

Ask yourself… Did Anita Hill consider her pockets or career… over outing a Federal Supreme Court Judge… Clarence Thomas... Anita Hill set the standards and behaviors of a women who truly was being sexually harassed or abused in the workplace… Anita Hill did not put her career over her being sexual discrimination... she did the right thing by bringing light to her sexual abuser.

So... I must emphasize here... the true difference between “Me Too” survivors’ movement and the “Paid” rich White women Holly-weird #MeToo victims’ moment is the true movement focuses on underprivileged Girls and Women of Color survivors of sexual abuse which is an ongoing mission… BUT...

The whitewashed Holly-weird victims' moment is more about outing predators in which the victims continued to accept, participate and promote their abusers’ multimillion dollar projects… so to me... this has turned into another Rich White-woman victims' problem and doesn't reflect my Black Female Survivor's Reality… Just Saying!

As a Black female survivor of sexual abuse who is constantly RedefiningMYstory... it is hard for me to get behind this Holly-weird movement after these women continued to gain favor… such as… money, prestige, privilege, lucrative Holly-weird offers... and so on… even though women like Anita Hill set the bar… 

My daughter - DeLores J. Allison said it best in her poem: "Why Does Your Crying Affect Me?" (poem at the beginning of this post)So, Ladies... I say all of this to say...

Ladies... protect yourself! NO ONE... and I mean... NO ONE has the right to violate you or us... but we must take the precautions to protect ourselves. So once again... I'm not trying to victim shame or blame... just asking that we use precautions and logic when we enter into these uncomfortable situations!

If you are anyone you know has been sexually abused, harassed or been victimized in anyway sexually and trying to survivor these traumatic experiences... I wholeheartedly urge you to please seek out or convince them to seek out professional assistance. Also, for more information... 

Please click the link on sexual abuse and the signs in adults from the U.S. Department of Justice the National Sex Offender Public website (NSOPW) 

For more information on sexual harassment, discrimination and how to prevent please click the Business Insider's link. 

For more information or to support Tarana Burke’s “Me Too” Survivors’ Movement:

Twitter: @TaranaBurke

Instagram: @taranajaneen


Please leave your comments below. Also, you can email me at with your topics and/or questions you would like me to address in my upcoming blog posts. As usual…

Stay Blessed Queens.

May ALLAH Continue to Bless & Protect All!!!


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