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Sunday, August 26, 2018

e-Piphany Speaks - Single Mother/Transgender World (Live on YouTube)

Because of a comment I made in response to my little brother's FB post and he understood what I was saying... but the nosy peeps want a make a mountain out of a mole hill!

I usually don't explain myself because hell I don't know them and their perception of me, doesn't bother me... but, I will explain what I meant about Single Mother/Transgender World... 

Dang... People are always trying to make a nothing into a something... especially when they don't try to understand or read the complete post as well as the complete comments... they just seen transgender world and here we go... but I got time today people... I got time today! So Let's begin...

Here's my brother's post: Every time hear a kid yell DADDY! I subconsciously assume it’s my daughters lol. #DadProblems

Here's my response: Please hush up... and I am saying that with Big Sis love... at least you don't have 5 saying mommy as well as a Grandbaby/Godson who is finally calling me grandmama... and not to forget the ones that are friends of the kids call me momma or the one that calls me Dïnky Wøfførds mom... so I hear it at least 1 million times a day... on the phone... face-2-face... social media... at my job... okay... maybe it's 1 thousand times a day... okay... okay... okay maybe 100+ times a day... and 3 are legally grown... the twin divas think they are... I call it mentally think they are grown... anyways... but that's too dang much! Suck it up and... they do try to be funny at times and call me daddy... so welcome to my... SINGLE MOTHER/TRANSGENDER WORLD... Just Saying!!!

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As usual...

Stay Blessed Queens!

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