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Monday, April 29, 2019

Oscar-Nominated - Black Director, John Singleton, Dies at 51

As-Salaam-Alaikum," "Peace Be Unto You"
Oscar-Nominated - Black Director,
 John Singleton, Dies at 51

Greetings Nubian "Nystic" Nation...

This is your girl ejnosillA. I was going about my day and received an alert that John Singleton had died at the age of 51.

He is one of the greatest writers, directors and Black male activists that fought for the Black man, woman, "OUR" Black children and "OUR" Black communities as a whole!
Last I remembered was that he had a stroke and was in a medically induced coma... NOW... to here that this beautiful, gifted Black man has died... is so heartbreaking to me!

I can remember watching Boyz N the Hood for the first time... remembering how as a "Nubian Queenly" youngster... I knew nothing... This phenomenal Black man... brought awareness to the happenings in "Tha Hood!!!"

Something that my parents tried their best to shield me from... but I as well as my siblings... were so drawn too... Just Saying!

Words cannot express how I feel about this loss... but I tried to convey what I could within my YouTube video...

***LET'S GET... The Diaries of ejnosillA (YouTube Channel) to... 

1000+ SUBS***


Oh Yeah... 


As usual...
Stay Blessed Queens!

May ALLAH Bless John Singleton's
Family, Friends & Peace during
this trying time!


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