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About "ejnosillA"

The Arabic greeting meaning
"Peace be unto you"

"To ALLAH be the Praise and the Glory!"

ejnosillA converted to Islam on August 25, 2016. She is currently a graduate student majoring in Communication Studies. Her goals are to become a successful blogger and to one day be able to give back to her community through developing a holistic community center that will provide the necessary resources for low-income single Mothers of Color.
Through her blogging and this community center, she will be able to assist these women with programs that will help them become self-sufficient, educated, provide an avenue for them to acquire their goals, and thus “Empowering” them.
This dream was realized when ejnosillA returned to college being a single mother of 5 who is low-income and had to jump through unnecessary hoops to receive government assistance while she tried to educate herself. 
v  Winner of the 2009 Heartland Family Service Salute to Families Award for “Challenged & Successful”v   
She too knows how it feels to need assistance and be unfairly judged and mistreated by government workers whose jobs were to assist the needy people within a community. However, they did more judging and less assisting.
Each day that ejnosillA got closer and closer to obtaining her goals of being self-sufficient, her desires became stronger and stronger to be a pillar of hope and assistance to other low-income, single mothers.
Her life mission is to assist with the empowerment of other low-income, single mothers and hopes that one day, her similar life struggles and achievements would be an inspiration to other women.


Associate Degree in Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science in Communication with an emphasis in Culture and Communication - 
Minor in Black Studies
Specialist Diploma in Professional Skills
ODR approved Certificate in Basic Mediation Training
Pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Communication Studies 
***(expected graduation date December 2017)***

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