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(the Arabic greeting meaning "Peace be unto you") 

Greetings All,

This blog is to promote friendly conversations about Black women and giving us a voice. In this day in time, we as Black women are still being portrayed throughout media sources as Mammies, Jezebels and Sapphires or some new age interpretation.

As a Black woman, I have realized how my gender and race have played a significant role in how the so-called characteristics of Black womanhood are stereotypically interpreted by society. I know that is due to the fact that stereotypical imagery are reestablished and reconfirmed through misguided representations on televised media sources such as reality television as well as social media. However, I have often wondered how these images may have affected me in the shaping of my self-image as well as other Black women in my circle. Thus, my reasoning for creating this blog.

RedefiningHERStory Poem was written by Richetta L. Henry in 2017 specifically for ejnosillA
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I want to give Black women as well as other women a forum in which we can collectively come together and discuss our issues that affect us as women. Not Black which focuses on Black men or women which focuses on White women, but us as Women with diverse backgrounds!!!

I desire to give us our own public platform in which we can reshape, recreate and redefine... Black womanhood as or what I like to call... "The ESSENCE of the BLACK WOMAN!"

I look forward to all participating and look forward to all commentary.

Stay Blessed Queens,



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Let’s work together... Just Saying!!!

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