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"e-Piphany" Speaks...

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," "Peace Be Unto You"

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

RedefiningHERstory: One Blog Post at a Time Presents:
"e-Piphany" Speaks...

"e-Piphany" Speaks... will be vlogs that should be seen as tools of encouragement, empowerment and guidance as Black women embrace, navigate and embark on their She-Piphany journeys!

These live talks and videos will discuss subject matter in regards to Black womanhood and motherhood, the growth of Black women and the plight of the Black woman.

She-Piphany or She-Piphanies are moments in a Black woman’s life where she has a profound revelation about something. Such as self-actualization, love, life spirituality or whatever given situation it maybe because they are limitless.

It is a moment of realization and clarity that allows her to reach another level of her journey or like ejnosillA oftentimes affectionately refers to it as being: reaching the next level of her womanhood.

She-Piphany was coined by Richetta Henry in 2010 which highlights the significant journeys that Black women embark on throughout their lives.

Although, these paths have similarities that we embark on, but we all reach our She-Piphany moments at our times, on our own terms. Some of use arrive sooner, others later, but we all eventually arrive at our own given She-Piphanies!

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Stay Blessed Queens!


May ALLAH continue to guide us as we embark on our unique "She-Piphany" journeys.

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