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She-Piphany Moments

"As-Salaam-Alaikum," the Arabic greeting meaning "Peace be unto you"

She-Piphany Moments are moments in a Black woman's life where she has a profound revelation about something. Such as self-actualization, love, life, spirituality or whatever given situation it maybe, but it is limitless. 

It is a moment of realization and clarity that allows her to reach another level of her journey or like ejnosillA often proudly refers to as it being her... "Next Level of Womanhood!"

She-Piphany was coined by Richetta "Ms.Steryous" Henry, a beautiful Black Queen, in 2010. Ms. Steryous coined this term to highlight the significant journeys that Black women embark on throughout their lives. 

These paths that we embark on are similar, but we all reach our moments at different times. Some of us arrive sooner and others later, but we all eventually arrive at our on given "She-Piphanies!"


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